Heart and Soul



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Books: Heal Your Body,by Louise Hay, Crystal Children,by Doreen Virtue

Writers: Doreen Virtue PhD,and Louise Hay

Quote: We are spirits having a human experience, which we call life


My name is Jodi Rabbow, and I am a practicing Reiki Master, certified hypnotherapist, certified massage therapist, medical intuitive, life counselor, and teacher.  I have been practicing for over twenty years. I have trained and practiced in London, England,Los Angeles, Orange County and in the San Francisco Bay Area, with an emphasis on transpersonal psychology.

The type of work that I do is all about energy, which applies to every aspect of our lives. . . . who, what, where,and when. Science has shown us that energy exists in everything. My job is to assist in raising awareness and sharing that wisdom with others, while honoring each individual’s free will and choice. 

I regard myself as a conduit for healing energy. You are your own healer. I create a safe place to allow your inner healer to emerge, and echo that wisdom back to you in order for healing to take place...

We are each on our own journey in life.  As we grow and deepen, entering new territories, it is part of the natural process to occasionally lose our way.  All of us need a helping hand at some time or another. The first step is opening the door to begin the journey to self discovery.